Teaching Part 2 of The Poet X

Updated: Jul 4

Teaching The Poet X Part 2

(Virtual Instruction)

For the second part of The Poet X, I wanted kids to read more of the story on their own. This only worked a little bit, but I was ambitious at the beginning of the part and had them read a bit on their own. Mostly, we ended up listening to it together, stopping to do some small activities along the way. I was really pushing to cover some ground/pages during this part of the story since we moved very slowly with Part 1 (and I could have (should have) moved even slower!)

Day 1

"Smoke Parks" - "What I Didn't Say to Caridad in Confirmation Class"

After doing a review Kahoot of Part 1, I asked the kids to read "Smoke Park" - "What I did not tell Caridad in confirmation class" by themselves, and then complete this small double entry journal:

Poet X Double Entry Journal
Download PDF • 76KB

Day 2

The next day, I warmed up the class by having everyone share out their favorite corny joke. I honestly thought this was an awesome idea, but asking my students to speak out loud is like asking me to stop wearing gold glitter on my nails since I am well past the age of 14 (NOPE). Even though all they had to do was look up a corny joke and recite it, it still took forever. I never let them off the hook, though, because I am a stubborn and literally no one can out-stubborn me, not even a sullen 14-year-old.

After the warm up, we went over some of the vocabulary that would come up in the next section. I put the Poet X Part 2 vocab words in Nearpod and had the kids draw each word. This activity was hilarious and a much needed salve after the stupid corny joke warm up that only I found fun (but mostly frustrating). .

-Vocabulary/term drawings

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