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Free Resources for Things Fall Apart

Updated: Oct 9, 2022

While digging through my Things Fall Apart materials, I realized that I have taught this book in a few different contexts: to advanced 8th graders in 2008, advanced 10th graders in 2012, and then to my IB SL Language & Lit students in 2018. I don't recommend trying to teach it to 8th graders. I don't really remember what I was thinking or why I did that, but I did enjoy reading it with my 10 Intensified and 11 IB, for different reasons. 10 Intensified and IB 11 are different classes, so I taught the book a bit differently for each. I combined all of the materials for all of the classes and then regrouped them in a way I thought would be most helpful (pre-reading/during/after/extension, etc.).

The handouts below are just from my 8th grade unit. Because of the way I am going through my old materials (chronologically from my 8th grade materials to my 12th grade materials), it is going to be a while until I get to the 10th & 11th grade materials. SO, please check back, as I will be updating this post with a lot more materials.

Things Fall Apart Pre-Reading Materials

Things Fall Apart Plot/Comprehension Activities (During Reading)

Things Fall Apart Tests & Quizzes

Things Fall Apart Summative Activities (End)

Things Fall Apart Connected Texts