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Independent Reading Materials

Updated: Jul 26, 2022

Over the years, I have tried to build in silent, sustained reading time for students of all levels. On a philosophical level, I just feel that kids should have some control over what they read and write. Because I work in a public school with a curriculum, I cannot go full Nancy Atwell, but I try and build in some flexibility when I can. My advanced students usually appreciate having time to actually read, and the time is beneficial to some of my struggling readers who just need practice reading. (Independent reading time is not helpful for all struggling readers-some of them need more structure or a focused intervention during this time, but all of that is a topic for another post.)

Although I think independent reading time is important, I have never found a system of tracking reading progress that I am truly happy with. The materials in this post are different reading logs or accountability systems I have used. They all have different pros & cons and energy requirements, so what will work for you will just depend on your kids, your time, and your grading tolerance.

My reading logs, like my grammar materials, span all grades & levels, so I will continue to update this post as I come across more materials.

Independent Reading Book Recommendations

These are PowerPoints that I would use to recommend books to students.

Reading Surveys

Independent Reading Logs

Independent Reading Share Out Ideas

Independent Reading Activities/Assessments

Book Book PowerPoints

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