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Nature Materials for AP Lang & Comp

Updated: Nov 20, 2023

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The materials below are leftovers from when I used to try and teach AP Lang & Comp and American Literature at the same time. The materials were originally supplements to the Romanticism section of the year, and then over time I just enjoyed "nature" as topic and turned it into its own unit. These are some of my AP lang nature materials.

For the unit, students started by reading a nature related article and then creating a poster/visual that outlined the "argument" of the article. After that, students read their choice of a nature-related nonfiction book, and used the book and any articles they read in order to write a paper in which they analyzed the different relationships that people can have with nature. See the "Nature Unit Assignment Sheet" below.

I hope some of these materials are helpful to you!

Nature Materials


Nonfiction Books for the Unit

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