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Persuasive Essay Materials-8th Grade

When I taught 8th grade, we had to prepare the kids for the state writing exam, which could ask kids to write a persuasive piece, a narrative piece, or an expository piece. Mostly, though, the prompts required a persuasive response, so I spent a lot of time on persuasive techniques with my 8th graders. I remember really liking persuasion because the introductory elements were concrete and easy to teach, which was such a nice break during my first year of teaching. Below are some of the introductory persuasion materials that I used with my 8th graders around 2006-2007.

About 5 years after this I started teaching AP Language & Composition, where we really got into the more advanced work of persuasion. It will take a bit of time until I am farther enough along to post those materials, but when I do, I will link them to the bottom of this post. Also, after looking back, it makes me realize how elementary my 8th grade lessons were, and I think my 8th graders at the time could have handled more advanced work, but, live and learn.

Learning Persuasive Techniques

Persuasive Articles

Persuasive Essay Writing Materials

Persuasion Tests & Quizzes

Persuasion is such a giant category, but if you have an introductory materials that you would like to share, please feel free to leave them in the comments section.

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