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How to Start AP Language & Composition

Updated: Nov 27, 2023

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Whenever I am starting a new class or unit, my biggest hurdle is just figuring out a concrete way to get moving. In this blog post, I have bulleted my "1st week" activities for my AP Language and Composition class and linked my TpT products. Although a lot of what is posted on this website is free, a lot of my AP materials are already on TpT. I wanted to post them here that you could get a sense of the order in which I complete my opening activities for AP Language and Composition. My goals for the first few weeks are to get to know the kids, introduce them to the Lang & Comp test, introduce them to the rhetorical triangle and analysis, and, most importantly, to get them writing.

1st Day of School (20 minutes)

-Greet students at the door

-Have students come in, choose a seat, and make a name tag

-Briefly introduce yourself

-Take attendance

-Start this lesson: Introduction to AP Language and Composition

Day 2 (84 minutes)



-Continue "Introduction to AP Language and Composition" lesson. Let students finish the writing in class or at home.

Day 3



-Spend 10 minutes going over classroom expectations.

-Introduce students to "rhetoric" and the "rhetorical triangle."

Day 4



-Spend 10 minutes going over classroom expectations.

-Start first unit. For my first unit this year, I am going to work with Malcolm Gladwell's Outliers, but I typically start with this unit below about education.

Here are some of my Outliers materials:

Other Helpful Handouts For The Beginning of the Year


These TpT resources mentioned above included in an AP Lang & Comp bundle that I sell on TpT.

Good luck getting started! It's always the hardest part!!!

If you have any resources that would be helpful to others, please feel free to post them in the comments below.

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