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Free AP Language & Composition Materials (Early American Lit)

Updated: Oct 17, 2022

I taught AP Language and Composition for about 7 years and it was my favorite class, In 2018, I switched to IB Lit & Lang because my school wanted to start offering an SL version of IB English. They asked me to spearhead the class since some of it overlaps with AP Lang & Comp, but I still like AP Lang & Comp a lot more. There are not enough sections of AP Lang & Comp to go around anymore, and I am transitioning away from teaching English anyway, but I highly recommend this class to anyone who gets the chance to teach it.

It took a few years for me to get the pacing, content, and intensity of the class correct. The first year or two, I was still determined to follow the sequence of American Literature since that was the curriculum for my grade level 11 kids, and I felt really strongly that the AP kids should not miss out on the only year of American literature in the curriculum. I did abandon that idea after time, but this blog post has the materials from those early years when I tried to fuse AP Lang & American Lit.

Introduction To Class

Early America/Puritans