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Free Resources for Tears of a Tiger by Sharon Draper

Updated: Jul 12, 2022

This unit is from the summer of 2009, when I taught summer school for the first time. I had just started my masters (in reading), so there are actually a few good handouts in here. Unfortunately, my overall unit notes had not yet developed by this point, so I just have the handouts for individual days without all of the unit essential questions, etc. As I comb through all of my materials from the past 15 years, I can see the progression of my organization as well as my lessons. A lot my earlier files are just is not as organized as my later stuff. I posted the handouts in the order that I used them, but there are a few gaps so just be sure to check the page numbers. For most of the handouts, I tried to focus on grief and decision making as the "big ideas." Also, if you have not checked out Sh