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Free AP Language & Composition Materials (Organized by Paper Type)

Updated: Dec 18, 2022

I taught AP Lang & Comp for eightish years before I had to switch to IB Lit & Lang, and over the years I attempted to organize my AP class in a few different ways: by topic, by American lit time period, and by paper.

Organizing by topic ended up being my favorite way to construct the class, but below are the materials I used when I tried to organize by paper. These materials ultimately came in handy however I taught the class since, at some point in any given year, I would have to teach all of these papers. This post is a work in progress. First I emptied out the materials I had saved in Word and just yesterday (10/12), I started emptying out the stuff in my Google Drive.

This blog is organized by paper type (open, rhetorical analysis, and synthesis), and then there are a few multiple choice materials at the end. I hope some of this stuff is helpful to you!

Introduction to Persuasive Techniques & Argumentation

(Preparation for Open Essay)

Open Essay Materials

Rhetorical Analysis Essay Materials