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Free 12 Angry Men Unit

Updated: Jun 17, 2022

Unit Overview for 12 Angry Men by Reginald Rose

The general background of this unit is here. Below are the day-to-day activities.

Essential question: How does where you are and who you are affect how you see the world?

Core Texts:

12 Angry Men (make sure to have all of the same copies)


-Students will learn about different types of bias.

-Students will identify types of bias present in 12 Angry Men.

-Students will identify techniques the author used to convey messages (themes) about bias and attempt 1 analysis paragraph.

-Students will find a product which helps them answer this question: To what extent (great extent, somewhat, no extent) are the societal issues presented in

12 Angry Men still present today?

Unit Time:

~10 class periods (84 minute periods)


-class set of 12 Angry Men


Assessments (see links below):

-Analysis Paragraph

-Choice Essay

-Bias matching quiz

-Vocabulary quiz

Daily Lessons

*Daily lessons are around 60 minutes long since I usually start the lesson with some sort of grammar or warm-up/lesson not included here. Also, this is one of my early units, so I am still spending part of the class going over expectations, routines, etc.

Day 1


-Introduce students to types of bias.

-Students will be able to identify at least three different types of bias in 12 Angry


Introduce 12 Angry Men (5 minutes)

-Introduce book and title and essential question: “Today we will start our study of bias and the role it plays in our lives by reading the text 12 Angry Men. This is a very short play, featuring a jury of men who need to determine the guilt or innocence of someone on trial. This is a play of their deliberations. I wanted to start off with a short, powerful text so that we can start practicing our analysis skills.”

-Ask students: "What do you know about jury duty?" (BRIEF BRIEF BRIEF)</