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Free American Literature Resources

The resources in this post are from the one or two years in which I taught American Lit. The handouts were for my grade-level & Integrated 11th graders. When I first started teaching the class, it made sense to teach the class by time period, so that is how the materials below are organized. I drifted away from this in later years and I can post those materials when I come across them. For this particular year/blog post, I chose one representative piece for each time period so that we could move through the year at a good clip. I hope some of these materials are helpful to you.

Beginning of the Year/Introducing the Class

Native Americans (The Sky Tree)

Puritans (Anne Bradstreet)

Rationalism (Ben Franklin)

Romanticism (Emerson)

To introduce Romanticism, I showed kids a clip of Legends of the Falls and went through the below handout.

Below are my handouts and activities for the rest of the unit.